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Since our inception in 1982; we have been continuously and diligently working towards developing a range of products. We have in house capabilities to design and manufacture them during last more than Twenty Five Years. We have well laid out Three Factory set ups; One at Vasai, Palghar Dist. in Maharashtra State (Around 50 Kms. away from Mumbai), Second & Third at Bhosari, Pune in Maharashtra State (Around 150 Kms. away from Mumbai) with adequate fabrication and machining facilities to undertake the jobs. We have fullfledged separate departments for design, production, inspection, planning & stores to take care of various aspects of jobs from raw material procurement to finishing stages of manufacturing. We also have regular established relationship with standard sub-contractors to help us in manufacturing activities like Fabrication & Machining in case our Factory gets overloaded.

QUALITY ASSURANCE PLAN : The QA Plans are always decided before executing every job to set standards for manufacture and workmanship and fall under Two categories i.e. Quality Checks for boughtout components and Quality Checks for goods manufactured at our Works.

Quality Checks for Bought-out Components :
The bought-out components are usually Electric Motors, Gear Boxes, Castings, Forgings, etc. For Electric Motors, Type Test & Routine Test are carried out by Motor Manufacturers and necessary Test Certificates collected for the relevant Electric Motors. For Gear Boxes, usually visual & dimensional inspection and no-load running trial are witnessed by our Engineers and Test Certificates for materials used for various components are submitted by the Gear Box manufacturers. In case of Castings, the test for the Chemical composition of the materials as well as the physical properties are taken from Government approved testing Laboratories to ensure proper quality of the Castings and also the visual & dimensional check up of the same including Non destructive tests like Ultrasonic; Radiography; etc. whenever call for.

Quality Checks for Goods manufactured by us :
For items manufactured by us at our Works, the Quality Assurance Plan starts from identification of raw materials to the final inspection and despatch of the equipment. The raw materials are bought with test certificates, in the absence of which, chemical analysis and physical property check of the same are taken to ensure that proper materials are used in manufacture. During manufacture, the sub-assemblies are subjected to visual and dimensional check-up and also various fitments during manufacture and assembly are checked and recorded. After final assembly of equipments, dimensional checks and visual inspections are carried out and also no-load running trial of equipments.