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Motorised/Pneumatic/Manual Guillotine (Isolation) Divertor

Guillotine (Isolation) Damper is tailor made equipment used in Cement, Steel & Power. These Dampers are mainly used at locations such as PA/SA ducts in Boilers, Inelt/Outlet of ESP, Inlet/Outlet of ID Fans and wherever high leaktightness required. Available in range ;

Size : 700 MM DIA/SQ to 7500 MM DIA/SQ.

Motorised Guillotine Damper Leaktightness : 99% ACA to 99.95% ACA, 100% with Seal
                          Air Fan for Positive Pressure System.

Material of Constn : Selected on the basis of operating
                                 parameters like; Temp. Pressure,
                                 Medium Handled.

Duty : ON/OFF.

Drive : Electric / Pneumatic (upto 1200 MM Size) / Manual.

Required Data to submit proposal :
     Location in System
     Medium Handled (Specify if content SO3)
     Operating/Design Temp.
     Operating Pressure
     Type of Operation