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Motorised Coffee Pot Damper

Motorised Coffee Pot Damper is tailor made equipment used in mainly Hot Air Generator to inject cold are whenever want to reduce gas temp. or also used to take fresh air in system. These Dampers are operated by Electrical Linear Actuator. The Damper will get opened instantaneously in the event of emergency with the help of Counter Weight and Electro-Magnet. Available in range ;

Size : 500 MM DIA/SQ to 8500 MM DIA/SQ.

Coffee Pot Damper Leaktightness : 98% ACA to 99.9% ACA.

Material of Constn. :Selected on the basis of operating
                                 parameters like Temp., Pressure,
                                  Medium Handled.


Drive : Electric.

Required Data to submit proposal :

     Location in System
     Operating/Design Temp.
     Operating Pressure