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Motorised Chimney Damper

Mechanized Chimney Damper is an appropriate customized equipment utilized mostly as a part of Heat Recovery System. For Ex: Hot Gasses from Coke Oven Plant utilized as a part of Boiler before venting to climate. It is being functioned or activated from ground level by Electrical Linear Actuator with the assistance of wire rope. It will get open immediately (in the position of boiler tripping/crisis with the assistance of Counter Weight and Electro-Magnet.) Here it is available in various sizes and dimension:

Size : 600 MM Width to 1500MM Width.

Chimney Damper Leaktightness : 98% ACA to 99.9% ACA

Material of Constn. :Selected on the basis of
                                 operating parameters like;
                                  Temp., Pressure, Medium Handled.


Drive : Electric.

Required Data to submit proposal :

     Height of Chimney
     Operating/Design Temp.
     Operating Pressure
     Any other specific requirement.