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Motorised Bucket Type Divertor Gate :

Motorised Bucket Type Divertor Gate is tailor made equipment used in Cement, Steel, Power Plant to divert material to Two Belt Conveyors. The jamming of Gate due to wedging of material particle between flap & chute (In Case of Flap Gate) during change over is totally avoided in this design as material is dropped in bucket from inlet hopper to get diverted by rotating bucket. The material flow also can be controlled in two outlets by operating with regulating duty Electrical Actuator. Available in range ;

Size : 200 MM SQ to 2500 MM SQ.

Leaktightness : 98% ACA to 99.9% ACA.

Material of Constn : Selected on the basis of operating
                                 parameters like Temp. Material Handled.

Orientation of Gate : Symmetric / Asymetric.

Duty : ON/OFF.

Drive : Electric or Pneumatic.

Required Data to submit proposal :
     Material Handled & Bulk Density
     Orientation of Gate
     Angle between Two Outlet
     Operating/Design Temp.