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Electrical Screw Jack Actuator - “TM-SJ” :

TM – SJ Series electrical screw jack actuators are mostly used in various industrial applications in cement, steel and power generation plants for pushing/pulling, lifting/lowering types of work etc. These actuators are used to operate material handling gates and also in the operation of guillotine damper. Screw jack actuator is a self-locking and positive drive (best option to resolve the problem faced with pneumatic & hydraulic cylinder) which develops capable breakaway power. Here models is available in range of;

Thrust/Force : 500 Kgs upto 100,000 Kgs

Electrical Screw Jack Actuator Stroke : 50 MM upto 3000 MM

Speed : 7 mm/sec / 9 mm/sec /
              15 mm/sec / 30 mm/sec
              (With Ball Screw with higher Thrust)
              (Can also be provided if required any other speed.)

Duty : ON/OFF

Required Data to submit proposal :