Electrical Rotary Actuators - “PIR” Series :

“PIR” Series Electro-mechanical Rotary Actuators are used in Cement, Steel & Power Generation Plant, etc. for operation of driven equipments such as Pipeline Dampers, Fan Dampers, Rack & Pinion Gates. The Models available in range of ;

Torque : 5 Mkg to 1500 Mkg.

Electrical Rotary Actuator Speed : 0.25 RPM/0.5 RPM
              (For PIR-5 to PIR-100 Model)
              0.25 RPM TO 5 RPM
              (For PIR-150 to PIR1500 Model)

Duty : Regulating

Position Transmitter : 135 Ohms/400 Ohms/1000 Ohms
                                     4-20 mA (2 Wire)/ 4- 20 mA (4 wire)

Required Data to submit proposal :
     Position Transmitter